Access to Private Real Estate Investments

Access to Private Real Estate Investments

    About Integrated-Equities Inc.

    Integrated-Equities Inc. is an exempt market dealer that was established in 2012, originally as the sole distributor of New Haven Mortgage Income Fund (1) Inc. Integrated-Equities has expanded the products on its shelf to give clients a wider range of options. Integrated-Equities Inc. is a boutique dealer – our focus is on quality and integrity. We apply a very specific due diligence and selection process for the third party offerings we make available to investors. Sometimes less is more and quality is superior to quantity. At Integrated-Equities Inc. we put the client first and seek to match the investments we offer to our clients unique needs and circumstances.

    Benefits of partnering with Integrated-Equities Inc.


    Our software handles trades in one seamless process


    Our partnership with Ara has strengthened our foundation on Compliance. We have emphasized our focus on understanding our clients and our products.


    We want to ensure that our product partners and our investor partners have their needs met – matching client with product is a process that should never be taken lightly. Every investor is unique and so is every product.

    How our investments work

    Visit the Integrated-Equities Inc – Investor Portal for more information on our current investment opportunities.